Tips For Encouraging Your Children To Read More Books

by Connie Smith

(Image Source: problem of attracting children’s attention and interest towards books becomes more and more serious when it comes to their education. Nowadays, books have two main competitors – the TV and the computer, and the constant technological innovations such as smartphones, tablets and so on, do not make things easier, because they attract the attention of both children and adults with their brightness and great variety of programs.

And when it comes to books, it is the other way round. Of course, there are plenty of children’s books that have really pretty pictures corresponding to the story told there, but the problem is that children can’t be aware of that fact if parents don’t reveal the magical world of books. When children are learning how to read, they are gradually learning how see pictures with their insight. TV and computers make things much simpler, because these products block imagination.

Many parents share the opinion that children should be left to grow up and determine the moment to start reading by themselves. Others are too strict and demanding towards their children and start learning them how to read since their early age. No matter what type of parent you are, you should show your children that books can be a pleasure and there is no way of comparing them with computer games and television.

Here are a few tips that will help parents encourage their children to read more:

• Focus on your child’s interests

No matter if your child likes animals, witches, sports or adventures, provide them with some books and children’s magazines on their favourite theme. Do not impose your own interests and point of view to the child – remember that the main goal is to make reading interesting to them, which basically means that they should read what they find fascinating. In addition, do not forget that priorities change over time.

Remember that reading should be a matter of choice, not a task or a punishment. Give your child the opportunity to choose between several books, magazines and other reading materials, and help them choose the books they read. The books should not be too hard, but they should not be too easy either.

• Make books valuable to your children’s

Instead of making your child read, give them a book as a reward every now and then. This will help your children start taking books as something special and exciting, and will encourage them read faster in order to get the next “reward”.

• Read together

Find a book that will be interesting for both of you. Make your own special bedtime tradition, and stick to it. Choose some fairy tales, if your children are younger, or read in turns if your children are older. This will not only encourage them start taking books as something that will give them pleasure, but will also help you create a better bond between children and parents.

• Try to remove everything that may distract your children’s attention

Try to make the process of reading as quiet and comfortable as you can. Turn off the TV and the computer while your child reads. This way you will help them focus, and it will turn reading into a pleasant alternative of computer games.

• Be a good role model

One of the best ways to encourage your children to start reading more, is to make yourself a good role model. Do not be afraid to show them that you find reading a useful, entertaining and enjoyable way of spending your free time.

• Take the child with you when going to a bookstore or the library

Do you remember those charming little bookshops from our childhood? The sad truth is that such places have become too rare nowadays. However, you can always take your children with you when going to the local library or bookshop. Show them the books, read a few resumes together – remember, be a good role model and try to stimulate your child’s interest towards books.

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