Raising A Different Kid Than My Parents Did

(Image Source: mydevstaging.com)Have you ever thought about how if your parents raised your kid instead of you, you’d probably end up with a much different child?

The irony is that your own parents raised you in a way that ultimately causes you to raise your child differently than they would.

Sometimes I feel a little bit bad about the potential stress I put my parents through when I have them watch Jack for an afternoon or overnight. It’s not simply, “Here the kid. See ya!”

Instead, it’s more like this: “Okay, here’s his sleep and nap schedule, and exactly what he needs to eat for each meal, and make sure he doesn’t watch TV either…”

I guess it somewhat resembles the concept of the classic TV show Family Ties, where the parents were easygoing and their son Alex P. Keaton was… basically the complete opposite.

Comparing myself to my own parents raising me in the 80′s and 90′s, I feel that they were also nicer than I am. They didn’t seem stressed out by this parenting thing; the way I often am as I raise my son.

I admit, at times, I take being a dad too seriously.

And I know it can’t just be me who feels this way when they compare their own parenting style to their parents. There are undeniable generational and cultural differences between Generation X and Y parents and their own Baby Boomer parents.

Of course I am very aware, too, that my son is wired differently than I am. My mom said she never had to worry about me trying to play in electrical outlets, for example.

As for Jack… ha! I can never turn my attention away from him for any given second. He’s way too adventurous to trust at this age.

Evidently I was a well-contained little boy. Well, my son is definitely not.

Even if I tried, I would not be able to raise my son to be just like me. But maybe my parents could….

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