Practical Parenting Can Make a Difference in Raising Fantastic Kids

By Kathy Griffiths

Practical parenting makes a difference in raising happy, healthy fantastic kids. Most parents prefer common sense, practical applications to parenting their children.

Here are a few practical tips for you to consider:

What You Do And Say Does Matter

Nothing seems to escape a child’s attention. We may do or say something that we don’t think a child notices. However, years later, they will remind us of events we have long forgotten about and they have remembered. Granted, we don’t always practice good techniques. However, we need to be aware that repeated poor parenting methods or examples have long term consequences that we may not like. There is no such thing as, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Fair Rules and Boundaries Are Important

As adults, we depend upon good road markings when we drive. Having a good clear lane markings are important to us so we don’t cross over the center line into danger. Believe it or not, our kids want boundaries too. Good parenting sets fair rules. Without boundaries, kids can find themselves in a danger zone pretty quickly. (Did you notice…I said, “Fair rules?”)

Stay Calm…. Don’t React In A Way That Will Cut Off Communication

Sometimes, even fantastic kids will do or say something that will have considerable shock value. It’s important to turn the incident into a calm discussion. When kids can communicate openly with a relaxed parent, it opens the door for them to approach you later, during difficult times. Good parenting includes good communication skills.

Let Your Kids Know How Much You Care

Along with saying, “I love you,” get involved with your kids school and friends. Your kids will appreciate your sincere interest in their activities. Your involvement will keep you aware of their passion and dreams as well as disappointments.

Parenting fantastic kids can be tricky business and we all could use a little support now and again. At you will discover the magic secrets of down to earth parenting methods that have proven to work to over and over again…. Kathy Griffiths,

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