Parenting – Your Responsibility To Keep Them Close To You

By Bunmi Olatuja

Becoming a parent is a very unique and beautiful experience but it brings a lot of responsibility with it. Couples start planning to have kids as soon as they get married. There is a lot of joy in watching as your kids grow. Almost everyone in this world cares a lot about their kids. It is a very emotional experience for all parents. It is common that human beings are very protective of their kids. They want to give them their best, and most of the parents spend most of their lifetimes to afford a reasonable standard of living for their kids. The fathers work hours after hours to win the bread and butter for the family, while the mothers try their best to provide the children with a wonderful home. Many of the mothers work to support their kids.

Parenting is a wonderful experience but it brings a lot of responsibility to one’s shoulders. People have to be responsible for their kids. They have to earn for them to afford their living and to provide them with good education. Parents are responsible for being helpful to their children so they can go on to become something good and worthy in their lives.

Although affording the cost of living for the kids is a major responsibility of the parents, there is one other responsibility which is very important which the parents have to take. This responsibility is to keep the kids close to them. In today’s world there is a lot of exposure for the kids. The children of today know a lot more than what the previous generation knew. They have access to almost every type of information and can get into really dirty situations if the parents do not keep an eye on them. In this world which is full of rotten facts, it might seem difficult to save your kids from all the wrongdoings. It might be difficult for the parents today to keep their kids on the right track, but it’s not difficult as it seems if parents do what they suppose to do.

It is one of the most important responsibilities of the parents to stay close to their kids. This is especially more important when your children are in a growing age and they are confused. They need a lot of your attention as well as your love. They have lots of confusions and questions which need to be answered. If the parents do not pay due attention to the problems and confusions of their growing kids, the kids are bound to move in the wrong direction. To keep the children on the right track is the parent’s prime responsibility. Thus it is important that you keep your kids close to you.

There are many ways the parents can remain close to their kids. It basically depends on the age of your kid. The youngsters of pre-nursery age groups are generally very honest to their parents and they share every thing with them. As they grow up they get involved with their friends and start to change. At this stage it is the parents’ responsibility to keep an eye on them without disturbing them.

The teenagers are to be treated with love, and they have to be given some freedom. If you keep lots of restraints on the teenagers they are bound to react aggressively, be their friend and make them trust you. In this way they will understand that what they are seeing in the world today, their parents have seen in their youth. If this concept is digested by the kids, they will remain as honest to their parents as they were when they were toddlers. Treat your children according to their age groups, if they are in the growing age they will be having lots of questions, answer their questions and let them talk to you. This will help to create a wonderful relationship which can be considered as a true bond between the parents and the children.

Parents must also know or remember that there is a maker of all (parents and children), thus it is important you always remember to commit your children into their maker’s hands for guidance.

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