Parental Involvement Mentor: Gwen Eaddy-Samuel

“When children and parents know better, they do better.”
-Gwen Eaddy-Samuel, Mother, Parent Leader, Community Organizer

(Image Source: children in Meriden, Connecticut had to walk to school in unsafe conditions, mother of four Gwen Eaddy-Samuel chose to not simply sit by. In 2006 she helped found Meriden Kids Walk Safe, the town’s first child pedestrian safety program for the public school system. It’s a coalition of parents, youth, and faith-based leaders supported by elected officials concerned about child pedestrian safety and parent/guardian involvement in public and private schools.

Alarmed by the statistic that Connecticut, with the highest per capita income in the nation, also had the greatest educational achievement gap in the nation, with 185 failing schools under No Child Left Behind, she helped launched a legislative initiative for education reform, including a “parent trigger” proposal that would permit parents of children in failing schools to have a voice in the future management of the school.

Gwen Eaddy-Samuel is a mother who exemplifies what parents are able to accomplish. She began working for educational reform in part as a result of the difficulties faced by her own children in the public school system, and was the worthy Connecticut representative for the 2010 Mom Congress.

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