Parenting Tips – The Value of Storytelling As Part of Education and Family Life

There are numerous writings of very reputable people talking about the many benefits of storytelling, not only in child education, but in family life. What I am presenting here is a personal assessment of the points that I consider most important, with special emphasis on those that are not usually mentioned, but which may be helpful.

The greatest benefit of education, no doubt, is the ability that has a story to convey values. Perhaps we have not consciously made good on it, but if you think, most values more firmly rooted in our own personality came to us from the hand of a story: in “The three little pigs”, for instance, we instilled the importance of working well; “The tortoise and the hare” were showing us that constancy and modesty had borne fruit, and “The cicada and the ant” made us see that it was more profitable to be working than being a laggard.
This is not accidental. Every story, including tales, has a logical argument that unites the different parts, making them much easier to remember.

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Helping Children Build Good Social Skills : Parenting Tips

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3 Parenting Tips – My Child Acts Helpless

By Jean Tracy

Could 3 parenting tips turn your “I-can’t” kid into an “I-can” child? You bet. Look inside for 3 parenting tips you can use today.

Whose fault is it when your child acts helpless? If there’s a person who treats your child like a prince or princess and does too much for your child, tell that person to stop. They’re making your child, weak, dependent, and helpless.

Why Kids Act Helpless

Your Sally wants to get out of chores. She whines, “It’s too much! You make me do everything!” You can’t stand your princess being upset, so you make the bed and put away most of the toys while

Sally drags her feet. Since the whining worked, Sally will whine again to get out of chores. Rescuing your child is a great way to teach helplessness.

Your Sam hates homework and cries, “It’s too hard.” He goes to you, Dad, and makes a big fuss. You can’t stand the crying, so you grab the homework and yell, “Get out of here!” You just want peace and quiet. Sam learns that crying works. You do the homework and he runs out to play. Rescuing your Sam is a super way to teach him how to move through life without trying.

When your child whines, cries, or complains and you or someone else runs to the rescue, your child learns to be helpless. He’ll use those tactics over and over.

How do you break the cycle of helplessness?

First Parenting Tip – Avoid doing for your child what your child can do for himself

Why? When you or someone else jumps in to rescue, you’re telling your child, “You’re right. You can’t do it. You’re helpless. I’ll do it for you.” You’ve taught him to give up easily, become a whiner, and drown in a sea of helplessness. Sadly he may never know the good feeling of accomplishment.

Second Parenting Tip – Use the technique, “First this, then that”

When Sally wants to watch TV, say, “First clean your room, then you can watch TV.

When Sam wants to eat a snack, say, “First do your homework, then you can make yourself a snack.”

Don’t let crying and whining break you down. Be respectful and firm when you use, “First this, then that.” Be consistent too.

Third Parenting Tip – Use your eyes to see and your tongue to encourage.

Remember your child wants to feel loved and respected just like you do. So use your eyes to see what your child is trying to do well. Be encouraging when your child tries. Your child will love your words and be more willing to try more things.

How to encourage your child to say, “I can!”

When your child is whining, crying, and trying to get you to do his responsibilities say words like:

You’re good at figuring things out.

You have a big, strong brain.

You can do it.

I know you can because you’ve done it before.

I believe in you.

Some parents say, “I’m not going to baby my child with such praise. She should just do what I tell her.”

To those parents I say, “If what you’re doing isn’t working, what have you got to lose by trying these parenting tips?

Conclusion for Turning Your “I-Can’t” Kid into an “I-Can” Child

Don’t let your child drown in a sea of helplessness. Rescue less, encourage more by following these parenting tips -

Avoid doing for your child what your child can do for himself.

Use the technique, “First this then that.”

Encourage your child’s positive efforts.

Be consistent, firm, and kind in your efforts. If you do, you won’t be complaining, “My child acts helpless!” You’ll be building character instead. You can do it. I know you can.

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Raising Kids Who Can Think

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Raising Kids

Having Fun Raising Kids

By Noah B Brown

Most of the people think that they can no longer have fun once they have children. But, it is not true. Sure, your days of having drinks at the local nightclub, going to concerts and hanging out with friends into the wee hours of the morning are gone but there are better and more beneficial ways to have fun as a family.

Raising kids can certainly be much more fun than more adult activities. This helpful parenting advice will prove to you that the fun is just beginning once you start raising kids.

Loving Those Littles

You will need to adjust your playtime and fun activities to coincide with the appropriate child development stages. Very young children really enjoy lying on the floor and playing with Hot Wheels cars or Barbie dolls.

The parent should think back to when he or she thought this was the greatest thing next to sliced bread and jump into the fun. Get down on the floor and play like a kid. This is one of the tips for parents while they raise kids.

Be Inventive

Raising kids today can be difficult because they are attracted and attached to technology from an early age. Taking the time to be inventive when it comes to playtime is one of the best tips for parents. Young ones in early child development stages might use their imaginations to recreate a simple refrigerator box into a teddy bear home or construction site for Tonka trucks.

Think back to your childhood and relive it, in a good way with your kids. Parenting child can help you to harness your inner child and enjoy playing again while strengthening the child parent relationship.

Think Like a Kid

There isn’t a single person who didn’t pretend to be an actor or dance around their room pretending to be a rock star. People of all ages love to strut their stuff and show off. Raising kids gives you the opportunity to look silly and sound terrible but have a blast doing it. You can turn on the radio (G rated music please) and dance and sing along with the music.

Kids of all ages love to do this and if you actually have a karaoke machine, that’s even better. Simply letting loose and having fun is one of the better tips for parents. The kids will always remember daddy dancing in the living room or mommy singing a song from a Disney movie. Not only are you creating fun but you are creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Get Your Game On

Board games have been popular for many, many years and with the technology of today, all too many people raising kids would rather hand the children their cell phones to play with than take the time to play together. Shut off the cell phones, video games and iPods and get back to basic. Choose a game that is appropriate for the child development stages of your children, grab some yummy snacks and sit down as a family to play a board game.

Many parents do their best to either allow the children to win or are so competitive that they make the game a blowout. This will disappoint the kids. It’s best to choose chance games such as Chutes and Ladders, Candyland or Yahtzee. It isn’t fair to expect a child to have a chance at winning if cunning, knowledge and experience is involved. Play fair and have fun with your kids and you won’t miss out on anything.

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